Josep Marí. La pintura construïda
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Josep Marí. La pintura construïda

26.4.2019 – 25.5.2019
Auditori, Ferreries


31.5.2019 – 29.6.2019
Sala d’exposicions Ca n’Angel, Mercadal


5.7.2019 – 10.8.2019
Sala municipal d’exposicions El Roser, Ciutadella de Menorca


26.8.2019 – 14.9.2019
Sala d’exposicions del Claustre del Carme, Maó


Josep Marí Sintes (Ferreries, 1938-2017) was a builder when, as an adult, he discovered his vocation in art. Self taught, he created a language pre-eminently abstract, unusual in Menorca, and he exhibited in Spain, Europe and the United States. His interest in the constructive aspects of his work led him to use lines to produce structures and colours to create emotional and optical sensations using dots and coloured fields. Through the medium of a language of signs and symbols, the Ferreries artist expressed an intimate vision of the world given recognition even in Japan.


This retrospective exhibition is expressed by two themes, complementary to each other, that make up his work and show his dual interest in both figurative and abstract art: «Les cases» (The Houses) and «Paisatges imaginaris» (Imaginary landscapes). Both themes followed a parallel stylistic evolution, which, by the end of his life, tended to come together. Like the houses he constructed, his art also went through different stages: laying the foundations in the eighties; building up the shell in the nineties; and finishing the master plan with the start of the new century. His legacy reveals the vitality and diversity of contemporary artistic creation in Menorca during the end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty first centuries.

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